Saturday, May 9, 2009


In about one week I will be starting my EMT classes. In three weeks quitting my job of three years. I never had a plan in life. I've always just coasted through life falling into the right job at the right time and making the most out of it, but never really liking it. This is something I really think that I will be good at and enjoy, but now I think I'm more scared than ever cause I know what I want and I'm afraid of failing. Being the true brother that I have he tells me that its going to be hard to pass the class and it may be even harder finding a job. I've already said that I would move if I had to still staying in the Texas Panhandle moving possibly somewhere between fifty to hundred miles away. So now its a waiting game. I know I made the right choice its just hard to imagine if I do have to move and Shelly can't be with me. My head is spinning with so many possibilities. The chapter with Hill-Rom is coming to a close a new chapter begins and for the first time I don't know whats going to happen. I have had a minor slip up on my no smoking quest. I bought a pack of cigarettes on Thursday on a really bad day. It was a mistake that I know now I could have done without. A moment of weakness that I can't take back. I will continue my pursuit and try to control my emotions as that was what got me into trouble this last time. That's all I have to say.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there with the not smoking...everyone slips up at some point.. just dont let it ruin all the good you've already made. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and move on! Its ok!

As far as the possibility of moving... why worry now? Take care of the class, do the best you can, and worry about the rest when it comes around!


Anonymous said...

Few really great things just land in our laps. Most of the time we have to take risks to get to the rewards. You've already seen that.

Let it happen, do your best and take it day at a time. Have fun doing this. Today's are what you'll be looking at tomorrow. Just try to remember - no regrets.

Smoking will be a regret - if has been for me. No one can make you treat yourself right, it has to come from within. I know all about using external influences as excuses for smoking. I've been doing it for years. So you slipped, you can do that walking down a sidewalk. The real question is do you get up and start walking again or do you lay on the sidewalk and keep smoking?

I believe that you will do well and feel pretty strongly that so do you, or you wouldn't be doing ths. Best of luck!

photoguytex said...


Dont forget Chris and I are behind you every step of the way. Whether that means you staying here for your new job or moving away...even though we would miss ya! And as for the smoking thing....dont worry. Everyone has weak moments. At least you can recognize yours and learn from it! Just let it stay in the past and move on!

Keep on trucking! Oh and by the way..We sure do miss you guys!!