Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We answered the call

Yes this is a late posting of something that happened last Friday. As most everybody knows I donated blood last Friday and this is, that story. See Shelly gets updates from the local news station sent to her twitter, they had broke a story saying that blood in the Texas Panhandle was scarce and that they would be buying or going to get blood from a different area just to prevent themselves from running out. Shelly asked me if I wanted to go with her to donate blood. Of course I don't mind giving at all if I can spare. Now I will admit I did ask how much money would we get for donating because well I thought they paid. Little did I know that it was called donating for a reason. One of those blonde moments. Anyway we went to go donate the next day and of course Shelly didn't get to, her blood wasn't good enough. So I had to brave the needle on my own. But least I did get a T-shirt out of it and a coke, the cookies didn't look that appeasing to me so I passed on them. Now why exactly am I bringing this up way after the fact. Not to look good in front of anybody, I mean it is cool and all, but to bring awareness. My cousin Adam wrote a blog about trading blood donations that he can't give and he'll do something else i.e. donate time. I think thats a great idea as he can't donate blood for reasons of his own. I'll keep donating when I can Adam, you find a way to donate time to the cancer society like we did when we were working Shorebird games. Just so you know I can't donate till July 31st their rules not mine. What do you say??? Oh and here is my proof!


Adam said...

Hey! Good on you! I'll see what I can do about getting involved with the ACS around here. Thanks for thinking of me!

photoguytex said...

Ok so I cant give blood cause it scares me...so i need another idea to get involved! Please help me think of one! Oh and by the way...thanks for finally updating. I am exoecting one every week since kevin's schedule is a little lighter these days! HEHEHE