Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spontaneity and a water pump...

This past weekend Kev and I headed to Dallas, it was something we had talked just briefly about the weekend before and decided last minute to just do it. We got in the car and drove 6 hours to Arlington. We ended up staying across the street from the new Cowboys stadium, so you know Kev enjoyed that! It also happened to be pretty close to the Rangers stadium who happen to be in town and playing the O's! We were both excited to see the game (for 2 different reasons though!). Of course if you follow baseball at all you know the O's have been uh... not performing to the best of their ability lately and so I was happy to see them win the game, not only that night but all 4 games they played against the rangers.

On Sunday we drove around to several different areas of Arlington and Dallas to check out some places we'd never been to before. We found several parks, a couple of malls and a Korean area that worried us just a little. We spent quite a bit of time at the malls, they have ice rinks in there... our next trip to Dallas we are so going ice skating! We window shopped and looked in stores we'd never seen or heard of before. Enjoyed lunch at 5 guys, a burger joint highly raved about from Kev's Aunt Kitty and my Dad. We then headed to a movie theater studio movie grill ( ) check it out! We were able to sit in the theater, in big comfy office type chairs and enjoy some dinner while watching our movie. Kev was in his happy place for sure!

Monday we slept in and headed home. It was a smooth, fun trip.

An hour or two after we get home we head out for some dinner and Wahoo with friends... well on the way my car starts running HOT, and the antifreeze light comes on... uh oh... so we turn around to take the car back to the house. Tuesday afternoon my friend's hubby comes over to take a look... I need a new waterpump... It was crazy because it was fine the whole trip, and was very sudden and almost stalled out at a light. So today my car got a ride to the shop on a tow truck.


Anonymous said...

Just be glad the car didn't have problems while you were on your trip and leave you stranded somewhere!


Shelly said...

That's true, and we are glad but still no fun!