Wednesday, August 25, 2010


106 days until Kevin finishes his first semester back to school! He started his math and english classes this week and so far so good. He is glad to be back in school and working towards a goal, I for one am a very proud wifey.

106 days until I am pinned by Kev's Aunt Judy, no not a wrestling match! I will be attending my nursing school pinning which means I will be finished, and graduating nursing school. Then it's on to boards and I'll be RN in 2010 (well maybe 11, depending when my boards are scheduled) I am very proud, and so happy to be almost done even though this semester is going to be busy busy busy, and hey I'm already practicing the art of procrastination :) Although I did finish my homework I have another project to get started but after 8 hours in class, my eyelids are pretty heavy!!

106 days until I get to see my family (give or take a couple of days) and I'm so excited that they will be here for my pinning! (by they, I may only mean 1 person but not sure yet).

Things are definitely moving forward in our household whoo hoo!! :)


Anonymous said...

Great going! It might seem like a long time now but it will go faster than you think.

Uncle Dennis

Kathryn said...

Its a great feeling to see that light at the end of the tunnel! I'm very proud of you guys!