Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6 Months

In 6 Months myself and my significant other will be traveling in the unknown. Shelly will be graduating by December off to brave the new world of working as a nurse. My hat is off to my wife. She has a practically guaranteed job right out of school, so no worrys there. I sometimes find myself thinking about everything we have had to deal with to get to this point and think "Good God how did we do it and why did we wait so long". I know she is anticipating it more than I am. With the close of one chapter in our lives another one will open. I will be going to school as she ends to be a Paramedic. I've finally found something that I truly enjoy in life and am going to take my life in my hands. Its not going to be that simple the next couple of months. We have many thoughts and plans going through well at least my mind on how we should go about things. If we should move or if we should stay. We know of a couple of things we are definetly going away on a trip when she graduates. Puerto Rico is a destination I think we have settled on. It looks like alot of fun and should be nice that time of year. Its funny I never really thought of being a Medic or anything gory or what have you. If you know me you know that I can't really stand throw up nor can I stand people defecating (pooping) on themselves. But I have handled that stuff pretty well and then some. Now I'm hooked not the adrenaline which most people would be but on being the best. I know I'm smart book and street. I like being the best at everything and someday I'm going to be the better medics I can feel it. I'm sure the wifey and me will have plenty of debates on how to treat patients and what I should and shouldn't have done in her eyes but I look forward to those days the playful banter that is going to ensue. Especially since I'll have a greater knowledge base on human life. Thats enough blubbering for now.

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