Saturday, July 18, 2009


Shim (a mix between she and him) is a name that a friend and I made up in high school for our boss who was pregnant. I've always thought it was funny and unique, and that somewhere down the road I would use it. Well that time is upon us, and until we know if we are having a little boy or a little girl, our lil one will be called Shim. (Way better than it, don't you think?)

Now of course there is a small chance that there are twins hanging out in there. My gut says no, but that's also what is said about being prego so you never know. If there are twins they will be dubbed Thing 1 and Thing 2 of the Dr. Suess. variety. We can thank Kevin for that :)

Of course by now you have figured out that we are having a baby! Probably in the middle of March. We find out the offical due date Thursday afternoon. YAY :) We are so excited. I am still a little nervous about everything being okay and what not. Thursday will put most of my fears at rest though.

In the meantime all we can think is OMG! We are having a BABY!!


007fx2 said...

My prediction is a baby boy born on March 16th.

Will be waiting to hear from you again on Thursday! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I've already reserved March 11 and I'm stickin' to it :) I'll reserve the sex of Shim til I get a better feel for the baby!

I'm SO excited for you both! Everything will be fine - think positive and take care of yourself and the baby and.....c.h.i.l.l. and all will be well. However... the 24/7 work/school is gonna have to stop. You know that, right? Sleep, eat well (through in a few ice cream sundaes [i know this from experience!]) watch your blood pressure, get some exercise and all will be just fine!!

Lots of love,

Aunt Kitty

Shelly said...

Dennis... you know all the Wrays out here want a girl right? :) We'll def give some info on Thursday!

Kitty...I am trying really hard to think positive, and most of the time it works. I have been drinking lots of water, with a lil juice and milk in somewhere, and eating well and walking when I can. I have been gettings lots of sleep lol :)