Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th weekend

This weekend Kev and I headed to the lake to get away and celebrate the 4th... kinda. I had off from work on Friday for the holiday and so we left Thursday night. We had an enjoyable day Friday getting things set up and grocery shopping etc. Kev grilled some BBQ chicken that turned out awesome, while I made the sides.

On Saturday we drove to a small town Canadian to check out their advertised 4th of July festivities. Oops not all advertised was there and we couldn't find much of anything. But it was a nice drive and I did get to see new places I had never seen. Oh and fireman water polo was kinda cool. We ended up driving to another town Pampa and got some lunch and just meandered around and then headed back to the lake. We figured we would hit the rodeo/fireworks in town there later that evening. That did not happen because there was a huge thunderstorm! So needless to say our fireworks were lightening.

Sunday we got up and relaxed and then packed up and headed home to start the week. It was overall a good weekend, not your typical 4th by any means but we got to spend some time together and get out of town so it was perfect.

Hope you had a good 4th as well!

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