Monday, July 27, 2009


So today we are 6 weeks along. yes I know, you've heard that before. After our sono they found out my dates were a lil different than originally thought and so we were a little behind.

We were hoping to see more than we did but because the baby was only 5w3d it was too early to see much of anything which was a lil disappointing but so far we know that the baby is in a good spot, and not in the tubes or anything like that (YAY) OH and we know that there is only one bellybean in there :)

Yes we've dubbed the baby "bellybean" b/c it's cute and well the size of a bean and in the belly lol :)

So in the meantime know bellybean is doing well and is predicted to make a debut around March 22, 2010!


007fx2 said...

I like Jellybean. Wondering how well that will work when the bean is more like a mellon.

Glad to hear all the news was good!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Keep up the good work! (and keep on growing, Bellybean!!)

Aunt Kitty

Shelly said...

lol our bellybean will till be bellybean even at the size of a melon LoL

lol about jellybean, Kev desperately wanted Shellybean but uh... I can't go around talking like that lol

photoguytex said...

Well.....since it was my idea I like it!! I am hoping for the best for you guys cause you certainly deserve it! I cant wait to go through this journey with yall! Just sit back and relax and enjoy your last few months of just being two!!
Love you guys tons!