Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A thing

While watching So You Think You Can Dance I began thinking about things, literally. The contestants on the show have found their thing... dancing (duh). It's what they love and they are good at it. It made me think about what is my "thing"? Growing up I always felt split between my families, which were vastly different in about as many ways as you can think of. I have tried (and eventually quit) many things. I never had any idea who Shelly was. I used to base my likes and dislikes on the people I was around. Whether it was art, sports, music, whatever. My siblings all had their thing nailed down pretty early, and I just didn't know. I don't know why but it just was.

For being a very independent person I sure didn't know what I wanted, liked, disliked. I just knew I was going to do things myself. I tried lots of things. Some things lasted one day, others a few years. There are things that I plan to pursue more to give it a better chance. I can't say there is any one of those things that I am really good at. Some of them I am awful at, but whatever I tried!

Through trying so many different things I have find things that I like, and dislike, and am mature (HA) enough to have learned that I have not given things the chance they deserve. I really enjoyed playing softball when I was younger and played for 4 years before quitting and it was for about the stupidest reason I can think of. Family drama... really!? Out loud I blamed it on my period or something but really it's b/c of issues that went down right about the time I started high school. Swimming, I'm no swimmer by any means but I love it, I would hang out in the water all day if I could. I have no rhythm so playing music and dancing are def something I do in the privacy of my own home haha.

I think my thing is academics. I love to teach others, learn new things, and help others. I am also still looking for my fun thing that doesn't involve school or my job. I have lots of stuff I enjoy doing and am willing to try new things, and so I want to know what is your thing? What works for you? That way maybe I will learn a little something about you, and maybe find something that I might want to try!

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photoguytex said...

Ok so after reading your blog a couple of days ago I have been thinking...what is my "thing"? Well I decided it was cooking/baking! I might not be the best at it but I do enjoy it very much. I would love to go to culinary school but I think that's just a pipe dream. Any how that's my thing....hope you enjoyed my input! Love you guys!