Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I like the IRS

So most everybody knows that Shelly was employed by a doctor who decided not to take out taxes and I suppose hoped that his employees wouldn't file either. Well being the good smart americans that myself and the wife are, we claimed everything that she made and of course we did our best in how it should be filed with no information on how exactly we should go about it. This was all in our first year in filling this way in 07. Of course I wasn't naive to think that we didn't make a mistake here or there but I knew that did end up paying a crapload of money. Fastforward to a year later to be exact yesterday we get a letter from the IRS saying you owe us over 3 thousand dollars and we need to pay in 30 days or severe penalties will occur. After looking over the previous years taxes found that if they were correct in saying we owe this then it was news to us. Rather than just bending over and giving them that money I decided to call have an explanation given to me in more detail so that I knew what I was paying for. See the tax that we were supposed to pay is a self employment tax for Shelly's job at the doctor's office. At first I was having a hard time explaining the fact that Shelly wasn't self employed she had a steady paycheck was an hourly employee. I finally in a very calm for myself way explained everything to the lady how that the Texas Workforce Commission had already ruled that she wasn't contract work and so on. The very nice lady took the information that I had given her on the business and said to just send the paperwork stating that she wasn't contract work in and an explanation letter to them and they will investigate the situation but from just what I had explained to her we shouldn't have to pay the tax and they will most likely be going after him for any other tax collections associated with this situation. Finally I feel like Justice will be served.

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