Sunday, March 22, 2009

Decisions Decisions

As this past week was Spring Break for Shelly we thought it would be appropriate to get away. As we don't have as much money these days we opted to go to the wonderful lake house that the parents bought. From Wednesday till today I spent the whole time there Shelly had to come back to town for work on Friday but came back that night. Now back to the title of the blog. I had a decision to make as about a week in a half ago I put in my resignation at Hill-Rom to try and pursue other opportunities. Well the boss recognizing the talent that I am or the fact he didn't want to hire anyone else asked to me to think about and take some time off and think about it. So after watching lots of dvds like twenty discs of different tv shows. I finally came to a decision. See my brother started a college fund for me this past Christmas for me to pursue my certification in firefighting a career I've always wanted to take up. I would have to get my emt basic certification then move on to the other certification. I've been unhappy in my job now for awhile now and have been ready for a change I probably jumped the gun after a long hard day but whats done is done. My brother talked to the his old instructor about when the next course was for EMT was and they had said it would be this summer. So I'll be filling out the necessary paperwork and if everything goes well starting in the summer being done by the end. The pay for EMT is basically the same as what I'm getting now so I won't be taking any pay cuts. So for now I'll work at my job and when school starts I'll make another informed decision whether I can work here or not and still go to school. The job is really demanding and if its between school and work I choose school. But I digress the lake was fun and I enjoyed the fact that I truly vegged out and did nothing for the better part of a week I saw the running of the turkeys from the porch a deer and the beautiful night sky. Pictures of the turkeys to come in further blogs.

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