Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new year surprise!

Kevin has been talking a lot over the last couple of months about going to see an NBA game. I just always say, yeah okay. I really have *no* desire to go whatsoever. I was secretly plotting to send him to see one. I talked him friend and we picked out a decent game. The Oklahoma Thunder vs Miami Heat. I know you've probably never heard of the Oklahoma team, they are new and they are not very good. At the time I looked up tickets they had won 2 of 20 some games. Once I knew I could get the tickets I called the other service tech and had him take Kev's call on the day of the game. I also called his friend who talked to his boss and got him off on the 19th. I had the tickets mailed to our friends house and went on my trip. Once I came back, which was new years eve it was time to tell him. I couldn't hold it in any longer lol.

At midnight I told Kev my new years resolution was to send him to an NBA game. He was like yeah I know. I added on Jan 18th. As you can imagine he is thrilled. Once I gave him all of the details he was super excited.

Happy new year everyone, enjoy those black eyed peas today! LoL

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