Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rainbows and butterflies... uh NOT!!

Okay so yes I know, it's been forever, yet again. You see though we had a few bad days, weeks, month even. We however decided we did NOT want to focus solely on the bad because even though life isn't always all about rainbows and butterflies, let's face it no one wants to hear bad thing after bad thing. So instead of harping on that let's talk about a few other things and see where it takes us. Although I'm not promising it's all good because well I try not to lie.

A few weeks ago was my birthday, yes 27... I know okay :) The night before we had dinner at Arick and Amber's house they cooked for us! and then on the night of Some friends of ours had us over and cooked us a fantastic spaghetti (my request) dinner followed by strawberry shortcake. <3 A couple nights after my birthday we went to dinner with Kev's parents, for my birthday and to catch up some. After dinner Kev's parents presented me with keys to this:

That is an '02 oldsmobile intrigue. SERIOUSLY!! I have never been given anything like that well ever! I was completely speechless. I am loving it.

The very next day though we found out that Kev's Uncle Mike passed away unexpectedly which was very hard on the whole family and he will be going to California with his family later this month for the memorial service.

School started for the fall for me, I am currently taking L&D, Med Surg Level II, and Health Assessment. So far it is overwhelming but going alright. I am still trying to get all of my stuff straight and figure stuff out for the semester.

For now that's all!!


Anonymous said...

Nice dinner treats. . . and NICE Ride!! (Who gave it to you??)

Hopefully the coming months will be better to you... and us all.

Aunt Kitty

Anonymous said...

Oh dang! Part of my blog is missing... I will fix it

Anonymous said...

So I know it's late but as promised here is my comment:

It was my pleasure to cook for ya! And Im really enjoying the car. Its so much easier for Shelly to park and back up! lol Anyways I look forward to spending many more birthdays with you!

Love ya