Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick Update

Ok so I know I haven't been writing much but here goes nothing. So a week ago I was getting on facebook on my phone and checking through my comments and found something weird. This was not my facebook it was somebody else's. Now my phone automatically signs me in and its not an app or anything. I found it odd and actually thought maybe somebody else had my phone and logged in without me knowing when I was looking up who it was (David Smith) and that I really didn't know them or where they lived. I had a momentary thought should I miss with said profile or should I just log off and get on my own. Having the kid inside me I thought I should play a few pranks. Nothing bad mind you but some harmless pranks and see if anyone noticed. I did two updates both quotes from either a tv ad or a song. Wouldn't you believe no one noticed funny right? That guy got on a few times in between these times and didn't notice. But alas today I will sign out of said profile so that I can access my own during my trip to Cali. On a different note. Things are going well my next test is scheduled for next thursday I'm ready for it. I have a part time job at a photo studio. I'm learning the art of taking pictures. Its alot harder than just pushing a button but its a good unwinding type of job from the jobs that I usually have and if I get to stick with it, it would complement the EMT job nicely. Other than that nothing really goin on. I haven't even left the house and I'm already missing the wife. Till the next post. Oh and thanks Chris for the job much appreciated.

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Tosha said...

Kevin: shame shame on you and your dirty little prank! On another note...Good Luck Thursday! I know you will do great!