Friday, February 19, 2010

"We were just trying to help..."

Normally I don't get too worked up over things. I am just laid back and unless it relates to me directly or something I am very passionate about. Then, I grow an opinion, and a strong one at that. Currently there are two things bothering. However one of those things is a silly school thing just frustrates me. The other.. That church group that went over to "save" Haitian children. Don't get me wrong, I do understand that they suffered a horrible natural disaster, and they do need help. I know many people felt obligated/the need to go over and help. A local man went originally to help rebuild. He met with a church group. This group visited orphans, were given children who didn't have parents. Some of them had parents but the parents agreed for their children to go. (I wonder if they all agreed...) They were stopped at the border with a van full of children. Arrested. Yesterday the local man returned home. The leader of this group has been accused of trying to make a profit from all of this. However the mayor and city felt it appropriate to hold a welcome home party for him, not to mention he was on Oprah today.

Like I said, don't get me wrong about helping, but really taking children? Across the border to another country to "help" them. What really gets me is that everyone sees him as a hero for this. I mean let's look at this another way. When hurricane Katrina happened many went to New Orleans to help wherever needed. So let's say this church group came, picked up some orphans, talked some parents into giving up their children and took them to an "makeshift" orphanage. I might add said orphanage was an old hotel that hasn't been used for years. Do you think people would be rejoicing and holding them in a high regard for helping?

Maybe I am looking at this wrong but I feel that it was wrong for them to take the children in the first place, let alone across country borders... I am so tired of hearing about it, and how great this man is for going to help!!!

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